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Larry Norman - Stranger - [Live with the Young Lions 1985 + Lyrics]

The term “Christian Rock” has become like an insult, but back in the day it was real music by musicians who left the secular field to pursue the ministry. Put down your Switchfoot & Skillet for a few minutes & check this out. Real Blues Rock from a master!

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Steve Taylor - Meltdown (at Madame Tussauds)

"Meltdown at Madame Tussauds — the queen is losing face
Meltdown at Madame Tussauds — a national disgrace!

It’s the middle of the night at the London shrine
Could have been the janitor, could have been divine
Someone said the thermostat never did work
Now we’ve got the temperature going berserk!”

To Antifeminists, From a Feminist





I am a 16 year old girl who has been hungrily looked at by men since the age of 12.

I’m guessing it’s because sense the age of 12 you either looked or acted like you were 18 or you’re lying.

When I go out by myself or with my family, I constantly have a pit in my stomach because every single time I go into a public arena, a man much older than I will look me up and down and proceed to attempt to make eye contact with me, etc. Catcalling is not a rare occurence either.

There wear t shirts and jeans and don’t have boobs hanging out. Or you could just be acting paranoid

 I don’t like to feel like men have free reign to make whatever comment they want, about my body. About what they want to do to me. To make me feel uncomfortable.

That’s freed of speech so I guess you want to want people having that. But here is something easier than taking away everyone’s basic right stop feeling that way.

Don’t you dare tell me I should feel lucky that these men are staring at me.

No you should just stop feeling anything no one but you makes you feel any way.

That is bullshit. That is fucked up. I am not looking for any attention, which makes it UNWANTED attention. 

What’s fucked up is you claiming this with no evidence and you have to be dressing in a manner that is normally meant to get attention and you are acting like men just stare at you because you are a women. I know this because I’m a women who doesn’t dress for attention so I don’t get any.

I recently saw an explanation for antifeminism that said “Cat calls and compliments from men you don’t know/like are NOT harrassment.”

screenshot or link please

So a middle aged man yelling across the street to a 14 year old girl about how much he wants to fuck her is not harrassment? 

That could be but were is your proof it happens at all.

These explanations from antifeminists seriously upset me.

Your feels stop were my right’s begin not the other way around like feminists like you know.

It often seems as though anti feminists believe that because in their personal life, they are not oppressed, no women are oppressed.

Even if your story was completely true it isn’t oppression and you don’t know the personal lives of antifeminists. but in the first world no woman is oppressed for being a woman.

One woman said “I make my own decisions without being pressured.” That is awesome. But what about women that are pressured (by men or other women)?

Be pressured still isn’t oppression because it isn’t forced or law.

For example, women and men pressuring young females to wait to have sex, yet men and adolescent males pressuring women and adolescent females to have sex.

Not oppression because no one is making them do it and there is no law forcing it.

Just because an aspect of feminism does not apply largely to your life does not mean that it doesn’t apply to the lives of many other women.

Like what?

You do not have experience being anyone other than yourself, making you not an expert on anything but your own personal experiences (clearly).

Neither do you but you act like you know why all antifeminists are antifeminists

So thanks for the fact that you aren’t ever being pressured or disrespected or put down, but your experiences don’t even hold relevence within the walls of the feminist movement.

Pressure doesn’t equal oppression and your first half of this was about you. So thanks for the fact that you “are ever being pressured or disrespected or put down”, but your experiences don’t even hold relevence within the walls of the truth.

Sorry. Other examples of antifeminist’s explanations that are applicable here? “I wear revealing clothes and take full responsibility if people decide to stare,” (well I don’t wear revealing clothes and therefore it isn’t the clothing that could possibly warrant disgusting stares from other people),

BULL SHIT I don’t wear revealing clothes and just what I don’t get treated how you calm you do.

“I am not oppressed, my husband is not an oppressor,” (it’s truly fantastic that you are lucky enough not to be a part of an abusive relationship),

1 one are just as likely to be the abuser and it’s not as common as you have been lead to think, and one abused woman doesn’t mean all women are abused.

and “I respect men and they respect me,” (I respect men and some respect me). 

I respect women and some respect me.

"I’ll be DAMNED if an overweight, insecure, unhealthy female tells ME how to respond to the men in my life." This was something I found pretty ridiculous. This antifeminist completely and utterly stereotyped feminists

Source screenshot or link. But I will believe that is a comment made by a person who can’t argue who attacks based on the only thing they can

(something NOT uncommon within the walls of the “antifeminist movement”), and made that just the basic explanation for their views.

man hating isn’t uncommon within the walls of the feminists movement.

but anyways antifeminism isn’t a movement like feminism is to be an antifeminists the only thing you have to do is not “believe” in feminism.

To that, I have this to say:

 I am a feminist. I am 109 pounds and 5”3. I have a great ass and think I’m pretty damn smart. I run everyday, drink almond milk, and eat salad. 


"your experiences don’t even hold relevance within the walls of the truth."

I’m an antifeminist who isn’t that privileged like you seem to think we all are.

Another woman stated that she refused “to be paid the same amount I am less qualified for,” after explaining that “everyone is NOT equal” (which is disgusting in and of itself). See now this is actually a valid explanation!!!!

Ok so even a woman who isn’t qualified for a job should be paid the same to someone who is more qualified because she’s a women is this communist Russia? And no not everyone is equal it’s a fact of life.

Why? Antifeminism disagrees with feminism, right?


And since feminism only fights for the equality of the sexes,

Also to close down shelter’s for abused men, fighting for women to stay out of jail and against the freedom of speech to name a few.

well then she is saying that men and women are not equal and therefore do not deserve equal pay because being a woman automatically makes you less qualified than a man. 

No she is saying she is less qualified not because she’s a woman, but rightfully so she shouldn’t be paid the same as anymore more qualified just because she is a woman.

One of the last explanations I looked at said “I want to be judged by my abilities instead of my gender.” 

Same. That’s why I’m a feminist

No feminists want to be judged based on gender.

If you’re gonna use the freedom of speech card, I mean that’s basically saying that white supremacists have freedom of speech. Not a lot of people think they are morally headed in the right direction (um, that was sarcasm). But they are still allowed to say what they want. So men demeaning women is allowed. But it’s not okay, just like racism is not okay.

Yes you also have the freedom of speech. If that mean idiots and bigots do too so be be it. They run their mouths and we see they are idiots and bigots. I’d rather have a supremacists have freedom of speech to say I was scum of the earth for being mixed race than have it taken away for both of us read “1984” and “Animal Farm” by George Orwell and get back to me.

You run your mouth about me and are demanding to me “it hurt my feeling” should I take away your right? No. Feeling end were right began.

Okay…yeah I’m a woman who doesn’t dress for attention and does get it. That’s how it is for me personally and many of my friends. It’s extremely rude for you to say I “must be dressing in a manner used for getting attention,” because no I don’t? And regardless of what I was wearing that’s still NOT OKAY. 

True it’s still not ok but I default back to point 1 FREEDOM OF SPEECH I for one still don’t believe you aren’t doing anything for attention or you are lying about getting as much attention as you say you are.

A+ on the source and that’s not sarcasm most wouldn’t do it. But I only half agree with both of you. to some it’s harassment to other it’s not.

I support the promotion of gender equality throughout the world. 

That’s just you, feminism is for women’s right’s nothing would be wrong with that if feminism was helping who it should, oppressed third world women, and not hurting the first world.

"Being pressured still isn’t oppression because it isn’t forced or law," being pressured includes rape. That’s forced and that’s the law. And regardless of if it’s the law or not, women shouldn’t be REGURALY PRESSURED TO HAVE SEX.

No it isn’t not if a ‘yes’ or consent is given. I was pressured into buying something I didn’t want is that robbery? no because even if I was pushed and pushed I could still say no. Pressure isn’t oppression, women can still say no.

My experiences in support of feminism support aspects of feminism which have been discussed by many supporters.

Like what?

They are also a direct result of the lack of gender equality.

Like what?

Anti feminists continually say things that supposedly apply to all women, I am saying something that happened to me, something that I believe is a result of that inequality.

You can’t be your own data because it isn’t backed up with evidence.

It’s a fact that women get unwanted attention from men. It’s not a fact that because on woman is not oppressed, no women are oppressed.  

unwanted attention from men isn’t oppression. and for many women the attention isn’t unwanted.

Ok well thanks again for “accusing” me of wearing “revealing clothing”. And even if i do that still doesn’t warrant staring?

What someone else does with touching you when you are in public is their own freedom

"It’s not as common as you’ve been lead to think," that’s just not accurate…there are so many emotionally and physically abusive relationships that my FRIENDS have been a part of. Oh, and, where is your evidence?

You’re friends aren’t fact unless you can show evidence.

Rise of the female ‘relationship terrorists’: Study finds women are more controlling and aggressive towards their partners than men 

Being privileged doesn’t have anything to do with it, if I was.

But the only reason you think I’m anti feminists is because you think I’m privileged

Closed down shelters for men?

I know that no feminists want to be judged based on gender.  

That’s why feminists go on about not enough females in high paying jobs and politics right?


By Anonymous


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