Fifty Shades of Grey


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Couple Small-clawed Otters by Foto Martien on Flickr.

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I Married a Dead Man by William Irish, 1950


Thom Hartmann thinks jokes about Women’s Bodies sexist, but not about Men’s Schlongs

You should be ashamed of yourself, Thom! Besides repeating the Feminist pop-psychology of “Guns compensating for lack of length,” you yourself are a Sexist, Misandrist, Self-Hating Male!

Ukrainian Military Offensive Hampers MH 17 Crash Site Investigators [CNN MIRROR]


I made a copy of the video and mirrored it here. Good reporting has a way of disappearing off websites *cough*BBC*cough*

Guess what? The CNN reporters contradicts the title & the female anchor! ​He says when the area was controlled by rebels, he could travel freely to the site. It’s UKRAINE that’s hampering the investigation by waging war on the locals! He also contradicts a lie & I heard on Ukraine’s own government YT channel: That the Rebels “kidnapped” orphans. Actually, they were helping them evacuate as the reporter says, and as anyone can see on the Rebel’s channel:

And if you read the article, the Dutch PM is telling Poroshenko to knock off the fighting :)

I like to research more than one side of things…

You can’t blame them, because if Ukraine lets those investigators in, it will come out that Ukraine or a CIA operative is at fault.

Or maybe it was THIS guy:

A Ukrainian oligarch with dual citizenship in Israel. What a surprise… not.

Another Rape Liar (and she even faked the bruises!)



Published on Jul 29, 2014

Good work Albuquerque police detectives! Princess Chavez told police and the media that her ex-boyfriend drugged her, tied her up, beat her, and raped her. She even when on TV to complain about the police not arresting and charging HER…


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The last thing I want to do right now is tidy my room.